Petite Scrubs

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm a short pear shaped woman. Finding it hard to obtain petite large scrubs in the color teal. Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried Urbane Scrubs? They come in petite sizes.
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    Grey's Anatomy Scrubs. I wear the Juniors Mock Wrap top and petite bottom (still a bit long, I'm 5'4), but they are the best fit around for a petite person.
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    My uniform store has Landau scrubs in petites. Many colors, but don't know for sure about teal.
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    I found alot of petite scrubs on Ebay, believe it or not. Some are new, some are used, but the prices are usually pretty good also!
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    I wear Cherokee petite scrubs, with flare legs. I am small, but have hips that don't fit as well into other petite scrubs. Plus my pants actually fit decently, and don't fit way above my shoe like other petite scrubs do.

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