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Opinion on a stethoscope

  1. 0 I looked on the site and didnt see a similar post so I decided to make one. In nursing school I used a cheap stethoscope from Work n Gear because a Littman was not in the budget. It was the Prestige brand. It did work for me but I always had my eye on a Littman since that seems to be favored. I will be starting to work with Pediatric patients soon and would like any suggestions you have. Please include any Pros/Cons you can think of. Thanks in advance.
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    Moved to nursing uniforms/gear forum. There are several threads discussing the virtues of various stethoscopes available.
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    I have both a pediatric Littmann and a Littmann II. I use the Littmann II much more now than I did when I first started in peds. The pediatric one is fine for infants and kids up to about 5, but then the surface area is too small for a good assessment. With practice I got quite good at distinguishing breath sounds and heart tones on even neonates using my Littmann II. Does that help?
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    Yes it did! Thank you I will look into the Littmann II

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