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Looking for "student" shoes

  1. 0 My program requires that I wear "white leather shoes, non-athletic, closed toe, not clogs".

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Anything by NurseMate, Dansko, Timberland Pro...
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    Boog'sGirl - thanks - one more questions for you if you'll humor me - Have you ever actually worn Dansko shoes? They look so gigantic, are they really comfortable?
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    I do have a pair. When I first tried them on, they seriously felt like bricks. Anything that felt that awful had to be made that way for a reason. So I bought them and wore them the next day for 12 hours at work. They turned out to be wonderful and well worth the investment b/c I've had them for 5 years and they still look great.

    Another shoe I really love, is by NurseMates. It's called the Bryar and it comes in all white. It's a lot more pillow-y, if you can't get over the brick-like feel of Danskos. They are also slightly more affordable.
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