looking for Danskos on sale

  1. 0 Hi all!
    I'm a new nursing student, looking for the white "Dansko Professional" in a 39, as inexpensive as possible of course. The best price I have seen is USD $93.50 with shipping and coupon code on clogscentral.com Checked ebay and amazon already and they dont have my size w/ a good price.

    Has anyone seen any better prices?

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    I personally wouldn't invest the money in a pair of white Danskos unless you plan on wearing them when you graduate. The white are difficult to keep clean from scuffs and marks. Save your money and buy yourself a fun pair after you graduate from school. Most Danskos are 95+ no matter where you buy them.
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    Check out the Dansko outlet. The selection changes frequently, so if they don't have the ones you want now, just check back.
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    Found some on Ebay yesterday! barely worn. $19. Hopefully they are presentable, but there is always white shoe-polish just in case.

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