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Littmann master cardiology or cardiology iii?

  1. 0 I want a new stethoscope. I work in cardiac/tele and was thinking of either getting thr master cardiology or the cardiology iii. I currently use the Littmann classic. Any advice or recommendations?
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    I've got the III and love it. Those crackles sound the like the 4th of July!
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    I have the C. III and wonder if anyone here feels the master cardio is that much better....
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    have a master cardiology that works great, but it is very very heavy around the neck and falls off your neck due to the weight, and rarely use it for that reason. using the lightweight mostly
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    I have the Cardiology III and LOVE IT! IMO, the Master is very heavy and the diaphragm is large...harder to listen to my small little elderly/pediatric folks. With my Cardio III, I can use the pediatric diaphragm and it works great! (Plus, it is lighter than the Master, which is an added bonus.)
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    Prestige stethoscopes have the sound of a Littman at a fraction of the price. I had hospitalists and med students like mine better than their expensive scope
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    I have the master cardiology and am not too impressed. I can't wear it around my neck d/t they weight of it and the tubing always has a sticky feel to it. I may try and exchange it for a Cardiology3?
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    I LOVE my cardio III! Can hear very well with it and I like how it looks I also love that it has a pediatric diaphragm. I occasionally get floated down to the ER so at times I will have to admit/assess pediatric patients, and that diaphragm really comes in handy!
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    Sprague-Rappaport here, $19.95. My $100+ was stolen while at work!
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    The best advice I can give is to do what I did -- I put on a sweater, and went to the "nurse store" and tried to hear my heartbeat thru the sweater with a variety of scopes -- picked the III
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    I've had both. Actually, I've got a Littman Light and a C. III and I can definitely say that I really like my C. III. I find that having a smaller diaphragm sometimes helps me hear because that large diaphragm is sometimes just a little too big to use on smaller patients.