I just wanted to share- SCRUB TOP!

  1. So as we all know scrubs can be really cheesy looking sometimes especially , some of us lucky students who get to wear all white

    Well, i just bought this top the other day, for clinical, and it is by the BEST fitting, top of the whites (because some of them are not all that cute/lack of selection in cut/fit) i have ever worn.. Im 125lbs, but i still have hips and ahh! i just love it ...:heartbeat

    Anyways... if you look around online you can find it in black and blue and a few other colors also...& the embroidery on it is darling!

    here is the info & a picture:
    Cherokee Studio
    Style# 3712
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  3. by   zoey88
    that is adorable, we have to wear an apron over our all white scrubs so whats the point of having a cute top =/
  4. by   amm206
    I love it! My school gives us blueish green scrubs to wear
  5. by   seattle_rain
    Cute! I love the fun scrub tops.
  6. by   findinghimfaithful
    Dear pneumothorax, at one point you were talking about beat rocks having access to ebooks online and mentioned they were available in google docs? I'm new to this. Do you know how I could access that?