Decent Men's shoes for the Operating Room?

  1. I just took an RN position in the OR and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good, comfy and supportive shoes for murses? I have a decent pair of running/walking shoes, but I don't know if they'll cut the mustard standing for long periods of time.
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  3. by   HunnieBadger
    I have one word for you... Danskos
  4. by   Nurse Kyles
    Yep! My male coworker wears Danskos, and he love, love, loves them. Although, they do not have as many cool designs as they do for ladies.
  5. by   LoveofOBGYN
    I bought dansko's and they worked for a little while but then they started to make my lower back hurt so bad! So I got Alegrias, they work much better for me, I believe they sell them for men too! Worth a look!

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