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I will be starting Nursing school in the fall and need some advice about shoes. I am 5'11" and overweight at the moment and have some back problems. I am wondering if anyone has similar problems or is in the same situation... Read More

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    Tried Dansko's but killed my feet, way too hard. Nike shocks worked for me.
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    I have just ordered some Alegrias. I am overweight with back and ankle issues. I had Danskos when I taught school, but I have high arches and they were 6 hour shoes at best. I have heard great things about New balance, but I don't think I have the right ones. Finally went to a shoe store that is like the old timey ones: they look at your feel and fit you, not just bring the shoes and ask if they fit.
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    I have found New Balance sneakers to be the best for my feet. I need the ones with high motion control because I am prone to plantar fascitis and these have been a life saver. I used to wear Sketcher Shape ups. They felt comfy, but they were too soft for my feet.
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    Oh this is great! I will definitely try some of the suggestions in this thread as I too have issues with my feet.