Alegria Paloma vs Feliz

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    Hi Alegria owners,

    I just ordered my first pair of alegrias. Unknowingly I ordered the Feliz style. I didn't realize that they are the "mini" version of the Palomas I see the other staff wearing. Also, I tried on a friends and found that I would need a 39 in the Paloma, but it says the Feliz runs a size bigger? Why in the world you would have one brand making different size scales for difference styles is beyond me. I tried to cancel the order and they told me it was too late so in order to not accrue return fees I have to refuse the package without trying on the shoes.

    Has anyone owned both or tried on both and found a huge difference in the sizing? Also, is the Feliz that much different from the Paloma? Thank you!

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    I had already been wearing the Paloma's for several months when I tried on the Feliz. I didn't notice a size difference but I DID notice a big comfort/support difference! I will stick with the styles that have the thicker footbed and sole. Love my Alegria's!

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