USC versant residency program spring 2015

  1. Hi you guys,
    have any of you applied to USC versant program? I actually went there to meet with one of the managers today, and I really highly encourage anyone interested in applying to go meet with their managers! i just wanted to start a forum so we can share information regarding the program.
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  3. by   FutureNurseCMF
    I applied and haven't heard anything yet! Do you have an update on when we will be notified?
  4. by   brinicole
    I applied as well and am waiting to hear. Can you tell me how you organized meeting up with the managers?? I wanted to do that but wasn't sure if it was inappropriate to simply show up??
  5. by   umad
    Seems like some have received invites for interviews already
  6. by   babeechpmk
    Did you actually schedule a meet or just went in and talked to them? its so hard to tell which units are hiring / have been called~