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Resume question-rn license?

  1. 0 how would you write your RN license info on the resume?

    Registered Nurse, state, license number, expiration date?
    or which info to not include

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    I don't list the license number or the expiration date. There's no need. If the company wants to know my license number then they can look online.

    I list:
    Registered Professional Nurse (active), state, and the date I was first licensed.
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    thank you ashley!
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    Prior to online nursing license verification, I did list my license # in resume header.
    Today, I list info as separate section:

    License and Certifications:

    PA license issued: 7/22/1982 Active
    NJ license issued:12/28/1992 Active
    BLS for Healthcare Providers issued: 2/4/2012

    For experienced nurses concerned about age discrimination, I would list just state and active.
    I no longer list Medical/Surgical, RN,BC credential as let is lapse upon assuming management position.

    The first thing I check on receiving RN application is license status- saves my time interviewing those with practice stipulations as employer does not permit hiring. Indicate if your license name differs from current name used saves my time too.
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    How can I get that I am currently licensed in 3 states on my resume while it taking up the least amount of space? Up until today, all I had was the NY license & number on it, which was listed under my BSN education experience. I want to add NJ and FL and keep it on one resume for ease of use. How about writing "Licensed in NY, NJ & FL" under my education experience? By writing that, should I not be concerned about the absence of the actual license numbers? I saw your post above and I value your opinion.

    This is how it looks now:
    University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ 2013
    BS in Nursing, Graduated cum laude
    Licensed in NY, NJ & FL

    Touro College, Brooklyn, NY ..........

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    I'm now seeing resumes with license listed under Name Header

    NRSKarenRN Nurse
    1234 Candy Lane
    North Pole, PA 19111
    Cell: 484-555-1212
    Licensed: PA, NJ, DE

    That way frees up space and makes it easy to use online verification. Please make sure the name you list is actual license name too.
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    Adding license listed in such a way is AMAZING for compact license sake! (my opinion)
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    I have never listed my RN license number or info on my resume. My resume simply reads, "Jane Doe, RN." If the employer wants my information, they can refer to my employment application.

    However, I do not list license numbers or social security numbers on my resume in this era of prevalent identity theft.