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Resume help

  1. 0 I was talking to some of the other students in my pn program the other night about their resume and they said they were listing all the skills they have done in clinicals as a skill. Like foley insertion/removal, wound care, IV insertion, meds, g tube care , etc... My question is, is that something I should be adding?

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    I don't think those have to be included unless you acquired skills or experience that aren't normally associated with a PN program. Some people do that if they have very limited work history to lengthen the resume. Good luck!
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    I wouldn't bother pretty much every nursing student learns and does those things in clinical. What makes YOU unique? What unique skills do YOU possess. That's the type of stuff that should go on a resume.
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    Thanks! Also should I lost the hospitals/long term facilities I've done clinical in? I was told to do so, I put them in and showed it to a coworker and she said no?

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    I would only list clinical experiences relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for Med/Surg position does it really matter where you did your Peds, OB, and Psych rotations?