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Quick question

  1. 0 I'm putting together a resume and I've held 2 nursing jobs in the same hospital. How do I handle this? I'm a member of float staff now, but worked in a unit before this.
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    you can do this a number of ways, it really depends on the style of your resume.

    The simplest way would be sub-bullets, it would look something like this

    12/2001 - 05/2005 Mercy United Hope Hospial Springville OK
    -12/2001 to 04/2003 Sample department nurse
    -04/2003 to 05/2005 Sample department nurse

    That would be the most simple way to do it, and just because its simple doesn't mean it isn't effective!
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    I would do it like this:

    ABC Hospital, Your town, USA

    Registered Nurse, Float Pool 2011-present

    Registered Nurse, ICU 2009-2011