Question about new grad resume

  1. I'm trying to re-format my resume and I'm not sure where to include my camp nurse experience. Right now I have a 'Clinical Experience' section with all of my clinical rotations from school (which I still want to include since I was in an accelerated program so I know my clinical rotations are different from others). I also have a 'Volunteer Experience' section with healthcare related volunteer work. The camp nurse position was at a Diabetes camp and it was a paid position but it's classified as volunteer on the job offer letter. Which section would it fit in better? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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  3. by   newgrad503
    If you have no previous experience in healthcare then you would want to list objective, education and credentials, clinical training , and volunteer work. I would list diabetes clinic as a volunteer if it says it is because they might call for a reference.
  4. by   newgrad503
    I mean diabetes camp under volunteer .