Please help resume? New grad, no experience :)

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    licensedregistered nurse, ready to utilize and expand upon knowledge garnered during educationand clinical training. loyal employee with strong communication andinterpersonal skills.

    skill highlights

    * computerized charting * enthusiastic caregiver
    * professional bedside manner * patient-focused care

    education andtraining

    *********** college 2012

    *****, mn

    associatein arts degree

    courseworkincludes: speech and communication, math and psychology

    ********** college2011

    *********, mn

    associateof science in nursing


    * medical-surgicalrotations on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor at mayo clinic health system mankatoand at new ulm medical center over 4 semesters. caring for patients with a widevariety of illnesses including respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal,and post-op orthopedic surgeries.

    * behavioralhealth experiences at st. peter regional treatment center, mchs mankato and newulm medical center. therapeutic communication skills, especially activelistening were honed.
    * ob/pediatricrotations at mchc caring for mother and infant, highlighting assessment skillsand patient education.
    * observed multiple surgical and endoscopicprocedures and assisted with pre- and post-anesthesia care. * completed64+ hours with preceptor in the icu at mchs mankato, working directly withcritically ill patients. responsible for detailed q4h assessments anddocumenting, communicated with other members of the multidisciplinary team(i.e. respiratory therapy when working with ventilated patients).




    *****-******, mn

    performedall transactions in a cordial, efficient and professional manner in a busyatmosphere.trained new employees to meet the high standards of management.communicated with customers regarding orders, comments, and complaints, andstrove to fulfill their requirements.

    office supervisor

    november2006 to march 2009

    *** - ***, mn

    providedcustomer service for an average of 50 calls per shift, answering customerinquiries, solving problems, and providing product information. sold tickets,equipment rentals and lessons at the ticket window, over the phone and via theinternet.

    nanny/ officemanager

    november1998 to july 2006

    ******/corporation name- **** , ca
    provided daily care for 3 children in their home.organized daily activities and developed a strong, caring relationship with thefamily. juggled these responsibilities with other duties for the family, suchas office management, accounts payable and bookkeeping responsibilities attheir restaurant businesses.


    registerednurse - state of minnesota
    bls- basic life support

    this is my first drafe and i know it doesn't feel right, too wordy- how do i make my nanny/ office manager position sound more desirable? and my clinical info..?thanks in advance anybody who cares to help!!
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    What about listing your skills.. That's what I did when I had no expericence as an Lpn.. I put things down like over 1500 hours in clinicals and listed the Things I did. Ex. Blood draws, foleys, ng tubes, patient care things of that nature
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    #1 Hit your space bar harder. Lots of words are run together. FIX!
    #2 I'd put your nursing degree first, other degrees are secondary.
    #3 Other jobs such as office manager - one liners. If they want to know more, they'll ask you in your interview. This resume is for nursing. Keep it to just that.
    #4 Then for each position you apply for, you can taylor your resume to focus on skills that you think will help you in that job. You know, if it's an OB position, then put those skills first and expand upon them. Etc.

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    Agree with above posters...and definitely list your skills even if you only practiced them in lab or only did once with a are some ideas:

    • Standard Precautions
    • Physical Assessment

    • Isolation Techniques
    • Oxygen Therapy

    • Range of Motion
    • Dry/Wet, Sterile Dressings

    • Body Mechanics
    • IV Preparation and Maintenance

    • Transfer Techniques, Positioning, Stretcher Transfer
    • Enemas
    • Hygiene Care

    • Intake and Output
    • Parenteral and Non-Parenteral Medication Administration

    • Client Feeding

    • Airway Suctioning
    • Nasogastric Tube Feeding and Irrigation

    • Tracheostomy Care
    • Stoma Care

    • Urinary Catheterization
    • Documentation
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