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Listing agency work on the resume

  1. 1 It's time for my monthly resume update. In the last month I started working for a nursing agency as a second job (I am still working at my first job).

    I know I would list the agency as my employer.

    However, when describing my duties, should I include the hospitals that I'm sent to by name, or should I just state the type of facilities/units that I'm working at?

    Thank you in advance.
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    My resume reflects the type of facilities or specialized units I've worked agency shifts on.
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    Well, it's all psych facilities, so if there's any variation it's going to be the specific units I'm on. Would I mention these facilities by name or say something like, "worked on psych ICU and CD units?"
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    I list my agency work in two different ways all under the banner of Awesome Agency Inc. The first way is if I'm sent on a long term assignment I describe my specific role at that facility. The second is when I do the same type of nursing but for multiple places. So for you I would put Psych Nurse facilities worked for included and then a description that covers everything you do overall in that role.
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