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    I am interested in getting information about working in US Territories, currently a RN, working in the US. Specifically Guam, Micronesia, American Somoa?? Having a hard time finding information on hospitals or contacts?? Any info. would be much appreciated

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    CHC hospital in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands is transitioning to U.S. federal immigration requirements and may soon prioritize U.S. citizen hires. You will need to send a completed government application to the OPM office, CHC Human Resources, and to the Nursing Manager for the department you are interested in working in. You can check the for vacancies and an application. The salary posted is incorrect for the R.N., it is a few dollars per hour more and will include a $600 or $800 monthly housing allowance.
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    Thank you very much for the information! I have made contact with a hospital in American Somoa and I will be looking into the information that you sent to me as well!! I really appreciate your advice, are you currently working in the Pacific Islands?? Thank you again.

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