Transferring my license and military questions

  1. Hey everyone! So my husband just PCS'd to Guam and I am currently finishing up nursing school in Florida. When I get done I plan to relocate over there but have been very anxious about figuring out the process of transferring my RN license over there! Does anyone know any details about doing so? Also! I'm currently an emergency care technician in the local hospital which also happens to be a level 1 trauma center. I'm REALLY hoping to get into ER nursing (hoping this job as a tech will help me get my foot in the door). Does anyone know about getting a job in the military hospitals on any of the bases in Guam since I'm a dependent? Also if they only accept BSN's or they allow RN's? I'll be graduating with my RN but plan to further my education as far as possible. Any and all advice or comments are very much so appreciated!! I have no idea what to expect! (:
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    I'm studying in PR right now towards a BSN...but I don't have any particular info on helping you specifically - would maybe the military have some way to assist you with those questions?