Questions about nursing in virgin islands..

  1. 0 Hi,

    I have some questions about the nursing in virgin islands. And I was wondering if this job description below is reasonable or not. (This is just an initial job description, but an official job description will be up dated today.)

    This is what the nurse recruiter said.

    She said she takes new grads too and she said she will need 50 of RNs.

    -Location: hospital in US virgin island
    -Salary: $63000 with 2 year contract
    - You will have to come to Los Angeles for an interview.
    - Orientation will start during october

    Can anyone please help/suggest/comment regarding this position and working condition in virgin islands? I really need to make a decision as soon as possible because I got a job offer from ND and give my response. I really need help! Thank you.
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    Did this ever pan out?
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    Well, 63,000 is the exact salary at Luis Hospital on St. Croix (The only hospital on St Croix) So it may very well be legit.

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