Puerto Rico

  1. Anyone want or need to go to school in Puerto Rico? I heard there was open enrollment and I wanted to know someone with some information about such as what is the requirement for getting in the program and how are the professors
    Thank you
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  3. by   Jen_Jen88
    There are two school; one bilingual and the other is english. UMET which is where I go to is bilingual at the moment where your general ed. classes are in spanish and nursing in english however they are implementing more gen. ed classes in english. La Interamericana is in english. Their sciences are intergrated into your nursing classes. If you have all your gen. ed classes then for a BSN at either school should take about 24 months I believe not sure about La Inter I think its like 22. I can't say much about La Inter prof. I love my prof at UMET so far lol I still have a yr left so lets see.
  4. by   Madison1379
    Thanks! Do you mind if I ask what your GPA was when you applied, what was your application process like, and did you go there before you applied for classes