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  1. 0 im an lpn in miami, currently looking for universities in puerto rico to do my rn, i want to know if they accept credits from my lpn program, how long is the program, which universities are better, where do i stay when i have to go to puerto rico for the practice?
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    Go to the NLNAC website to find schools in PR that are accredited by the National League of Nursing.

    NLNAC Accredited Nursing Programs

    Once you find the closest institution to where you'll be living, visit their website for details.

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    i would suggest looking at Universidad del Sagrado Corazn. They are accredited by The NLN. And they offer The nursing classes online. you would have to come For The clinicals But its well worth it. I did my last year of my bachelors online And it was great. now Im waiting to sit For The nclex.
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    Hello! Was wondering if you moved to PR and started the program?
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    I'm a LVN as well from CA. The DON from InterAmerican told me that lpn/lvn credits don't transfer to their programs