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I'm new to this med-surg floor. When we get a drug like morphine out of the Pyxis it asks if we are going to give the whole amount. If we say no it asks for a witness. The "witness" will come in and... Read More

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    There's a million ways narcotics could be diverted. No facility has a fool proof system and none ever will. But addicts are addicts. And addicts are sloppy and desperate. That's why addicts always get caught.... Eventually.
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    We usually witness, the nurse will draw up the medication and waste the proper amount in front of the witness. The nurse then takes their syringe and empty med bottle in the room to scan and administer. Easy enough and no one is witnessing then running away. Occasionally, if it's really busy people will say they trust you and you waste without anyone around. It takes an extra second since it's expected that you have everything ready when you take a med out of the pyxis.
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    I often couldn't find anyone to witness so I just said I was giving the whole of dilaudid or morphine, then would come back later to waste when someone was with me. There were a few times in the last several weeks where the shift would end and I couldn't waste the medications I had not given. For some reason someone on my floor likes starting rumors. She said I was having an affair with a day nurse (I work nights). She later told someone in administration that I was using drugs in the bathroom. When they heard this and saw that my wasting didn't match, they fired me and now I'm being brought before the board. I am probably going to lose my license. Always waste right away with a witness. Make them watch you and report them to your manager if they wont.