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Hi, In school, we learned that meds can be given within an hour of the designated time frame. In other words, if a med is due at 2100, it can be given between 2030-2130. Here on AN, I've noticed others saying that they combine... Read More

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    Anywhere I have worked at I've been able to give meds within an hour either way. So 9:00 meds can be given as early as 8:00 or as late as 10:00 and still considered on time. Of course it depends on the medication, especially if it is time sensitive such as certain antibiotics (like vancomycin).
    This was the policy I liked when I had up to 80 residents to be responsible for.

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    Why take the time to comment if you're just going to be rude? Very unnecessary.
    I agree!! Thus my comment. Please don't act like what you said to GrnTea wasn't meant to be smart alecky. You don't get to dictate the manner in which advice is given to you when you ask for advice. If you want someone to just tell you what you want to hear, ask your mother.
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