Sub Q Fentanyl

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    Can anyone think of a reason why a provider might order a 400 mcg dose of fentanyl be given sub-Q instead of IM. I was asked this by another provider and after wracking my brain and pharm books I just can't come up with a reason?

    Now I won't sleep all night

    Thanks much!

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    No clue. Never seen it given as anything but IV and transdermal on my floor. A generic answer would be that SQ injections last over a longer period of time due to slower absorbtion rates than IM, b/c IM goes into muscle which is much more vascular. Sorry, I got no real answer for ya.
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    400mcg is a lot of the vials/carpujects I'm used to, it's actually 8cc's. That would be at least 3-4 SQ injections. It would absorb slower as SQ -- I would never, ever give 400mcg of fentanyl IVP unless it was a highly opioid tolerant patient, comfort cares, or with an ETT in (and even then, I would likely give in divided doses.)

    I don't know what the indication would be for SQ fentanyl either. Weird.

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