Resistance when administering a PPD skin test

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    Anyone ever have issues with resistance on your syringe when administering a PPD skin test? I work for a home health agency and do these often and every now and then when I am injecting the serum into the skin it is almost like it won't come out of the syringe. I make sure the plunger isnt stuck prior to even drawing it up. I have to push it in much harder to get it to go and then it goes in very very slow. Just curious.

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    That is normal especially of you are giving it correctly. It needs to be given intradermally and you should make and then see a 6-10mm bleb that will eventually dissipate. Make sure you are holding the skin taut as well. If you giveit too deep you will not make a good bleb and you will not feel that resistance you are talking about.

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