NG aspirate pH 6 but on Omeprazole

  1. Hiya all,
    I am a nurse in a school with children with complex care needs. One of the children receives NG bolus feeds about a half hour after arriving in the morning and about 45 minutes after lunch.
    This child was just started on omeprazole and receives it in the morning before coming in to school.
    pH tends to read 6 at the morning feed and 5 or below for the afternoon one.
    Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue of pH being higher than one would normally find acceptable and other than knowing you have stomach contents how would you ensure its indeed in the right place?
    Thanks for the input.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    that is a high pH...but am thinking this is the reason your pt was started on prilosec.
    it can take sev'l wks before it takes its effect.
    still, it wouldn't hurt letting the dr know of your findings (or the primary nurse).

    as for confirming placement, where else could the tube be?
    it's either the lungs or stomach, so i think you're safe.