Iv medication calculation question

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    I am having difficulty with this question.. can anyone explain to me how to do it?


    Order: titrated medication 1 g in 250 mL, infused at 50 mg/hr

    How many milliliters per hour must be infused to deliver 50 mg/hr?
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    1 gram = 1000 mg

    so 1000mg in 250ml gives concentration of 4mg/ml

    so to administer 50mg/hr .... at a concentration of 4mg/ml... 50/4 = 12.5 ml/hr <--- run pump at this rate
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    While I have no doubt that giving the complete answer was well-intended, I believe that it isn't the best way for a student to learn. When you are allowed the reach the answer "on your own" with perhaps a nudge or two in the right the direction the process will make sense. A nurse needs to understand what the numbers represent and do their own appropriate conversions. They also need to be able to judge if every calculated and administered dose is a reasonable/safe.

    Sorry to be a bit of a downer
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