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Heparin Drips

  1. 0 Hi there, I am a new grad and have a question regarding heparin drips. I have been researching them because I know that we sometimes see them on the floor I work on. I found my hospital's policy and procedure and have got lots of info from that, but still am wondering about how long a diluted bag of heparin can hang for. I think it is 24 hours, but it does not say on the P&P. What would happen if it hung longer than that? Would it just not be as effective? Thanks in advance.
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    Ask your pharmacist. Amazing resource.
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    In general, we change our IVFs every 24 hours; the heparin itself won't expire at that point though. But, always always always go by what your pharmacy says.
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    Check your policy and procedure for general IV policies. It is the standard of care to change IV bags every 24 for infectious disease and medicine effectiveness.