Factor 8 and possible error?

  1. Last Thursday night came in this situation. I had a pt. I was to observe that after receiving factor 8. By the time I had him he was red, diaphoric, 104.4 temp, 74/52 bp, and R 24 O2 was 97%. He had received the factor 8 and it was not the first time it had been given. I gave it six weeks before with none of this. I am a relatively new nurse and not sure if this is a reaction or incorrect infusion. Anyhow pt. is now in PICU. I did the right things but just curious that is all.
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  3. by   silentRN
    looks like a reaction.
  4. by   biblepoet
    That is what I thought. I am on vacation and will not be able to find out what happened to him.