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Women's health nurse practitioner job/school

  1. 0 Hi! I've been a nurse for three years. I've done medsurg, Mother baby and nicu. The only thing I envision myself doing is whnp. It's all I won't to do in nursing. It's my passion. That being said I need lots of info on job opportunities and schools to attend. I found this website before I started nursing school and it was very helpful so now I hope u all can help me gain!Are any of u whnp's in south Florida? I see very few job postings online. How's the market? Salary?. It would be very difficult to relocate anywhere else. Any grads from Fronteir school? How did u find a preceptor? How do u like being a a whnp? What Do u love, like and hate about it?Thank u! I look forward to your response!