Womens Health NP

  1. Looking for options for a Womens Health NP online program? Anything other than Frontier?
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  3. by   sheronep
    Hey Meisha! You know I will be starting at university of Alabama in a few weeks. Completely online except for the beginning of your clinical year where you go to Mobile for 3-4 days. I will keep you updated on how the program is. I am also adding nursing education as a sort of minor.

    And it's not too expensive compared to the other schools I looked at.


  4. by   LindaBright
    I've heard that more schools plan to offer the WHNP track, but I did find this for you. UC has a great online program: MS in Nursing - Women's Health Nurse Practitioner - University of Cincinnati
  5. by   magsgirlsx3
    I have looked into several WHNP online programs and for me the only 2 that were doable were University of South Alabama and University of Cincinnati. I like the courses at USA and the cost was much better so I am applying there. I have seen several posts about people being happy with their graduate programs online. Hope this helps.