Which is the best RN-BSN program??? Which is the best RN-BSN program??? | allnurses

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Which is the best RN-BSN program???

  1. 0 I finished Excelsior LPN-RN not long ago, CPNE in Oct.11. I now want to continue on for my BSN but not sure if I should continue with them or not.

    So I would appreciate all feedback from those of you that have/or are getting your BSN. What is the courses like, are they truly at your own pace? What are some things I should consider?
    Thank you!
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    im looking for a rn-bsn program thats fully online, let me know what you find, I guess FHCHS is a top contender... due to price and timeline.
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    check out grand canyon university! they are awesome... you can request more info at this link: www.gcu.edu/ec/laura.brock

    good luck!