University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

  1. 0 Is anyone out there enrolled in this BSN online program? Please share your experiences...starting to shop around for the shortest/cheapest avenue to a BSN.
    I was considering WGU but loss interest due to their 3.0 GPA scale.
    Also looking at Grand Canyon.

    Complete Coursework:11 monthsCredit Hours:30Tuition: *$8,500
    *Depending on amount of transfer credits, I'm assuming.
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    Hello, I'm wondering the same thing about University of Louisiana - Lafayette. Is anyone in the program right now (RN to BSN), or has completed it? I spoke to an enrollment specialist today and he is relatively new so could not answer some of my questions. I'd like to know what to expect from the classes, are they organized, etc. The program is quite inexpensive compared to other programs out there, so I am a bit wary of it. Is it the case of "you get what you pay for", or is it a hidden treasure? Any information is greatly appreciated!
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    I was looking at their website. The $8000 some dollars they talk about is for 'nursing' courses only! So if you are out of state looks like tuition per credit hour for non nursing courses is much higher
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    Bumping discussion in the hopes someone who is in the University of Louisiana - Lafayette RN to BSN program can give me some information on what they think of the program? How are the courses? How much writing/time do you devote each week? At the end of the program, do you know if there is a huge project to do? Does it require a preceptor, etc???

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated!
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    I would like the same information too. I applied. Waiting to hear something.
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    I'm guessing no one is responding cuz RN to BSN program is very new at UL - Lafayette.
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    lisalogic - Have you heard anything about UL - Lafayette? and have you been accepted yet? I've applied too...but not knowing anything about the program is kinda scary.

    Quote from lisalogic
    I would like the same information too. I applied. Waiting to hear something.
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    pandorasbox- the only thing I heard is they don't have my transcripts. I requested them weeks ago. Still, waiting.
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    I would also like some info. I applied a month ago and they still haven't reviewed my credits and application...hope it's not an indication of how the program is run.
    However, if they accept all my credits I'm going to go with them and make it work. They are much more affordable.
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    Hi, I finally heard yesterday. I got into the March 2013 class.
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    I would like to hear from any and all current and former ULL RN students. I am an RN ASN. I am considering their RN to BSN online. Any information and advice appreciated.

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    Any feedback on this program? I'm considering this one with the start date of July (kind of rushed but I like their Disaster Planning element.) Thanks :-)

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