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Is anyone out there enrolled in this BSN online program? Please share your experiences...starting to shop around for the shortest/cheapest avenue to a BSN. I was considering WGU but loss interest... Read More

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    Hi, I finally heard yesterday. I got into the March 2013 class.

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    I would like to hear from any and all current and former ULL RN students. I am an RN ASN. I am considering their RN to BSN online. Any information and advice appreciated.

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    Any feedback on this program? I'm considering this one with the start date of July (kind of rushed but I like their Disaster Planning element.) Thanks :-)
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    Quote from pandorasbox
    Bumping discussion in the hopes someone who is in the University of Louisiana - Lafayette RN to BSN program can give me some information on what they think of the program? How are the courses? How much writing/time do you devote each week? At the end of the program, do you know if there is a huge project to do? Does it require a preceptor, etc???

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated!
    These are good questions, if anyone has feedback on the course styles and assignment expectations. Thanks again!
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    Also interested in this program - it's either this or WGU, based on finances. Would love to hear from more people that have done it!
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    FeatherzRN- I put in my application this week for Aug start date. I still don't know hiw they run the courses- I did hear that there are no clinical s to arrange, no preceptorship, and no group projects. I'm interested in discussion boards and "some" papers- not 5 page papers every week. So after they review my transcripts I hope to hear from someone directly with the program. Ill report back!
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    I'm also looking for anyone who has been or is in the program. I've done a lot of research, like I'm sure everyone else here has, and am very interested in this program. It seems like a fast program, a good price and I like that they offer chemistry online during the program. It's the only class I need and it seems every other program I've look at that I liked I was going have to wait almost a year just to start a BSN program so I could get chem out of the way. I have already applied to ULL, but not yet 100% committed to the program so any feedback right now would be great!
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    I ended up going with WGU (which also lets you take chemistry with them if you need to). So far so good! Wanted to try these guys but could not find enough information from people who were actually in the program to help with decision.
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    I looked at WGU, but I think I want to stay with a more traditional style degree. (Can we call online degrees traditional? Love technology!) From what I can tell, ULL started their online program last year, but have been offering nursing at their campus for years. They are also partnered with Academic Partnerships who work with a number of high ranking online nursing schools, so that gives me some belief hat the program won't be too unorganized as it is still taking off. And while they may be new and haven't had many people reviewing heir program at least that means nobody is so distraught with it that they're already complaining! I went ahead and applied, so if I get accepted I'll be sure to post so others looking for information can get a little information.
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    Hello Lisa
    This is HeatherT1. I have applied at ULL also and I plan to start in August. Can you offer me any advice. How is the program going for you. I would really appreciate some insight on it. Thanks !!!!

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