Texas Tech University (RN-BSN) Spring 2014 Texas Tech University (RN-BSN) Spring 2014 | allnurses

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Texas Tech University (RN-BSN) Spring 2014

  1. 0 Hello, I will be attending Texas Tech RN-BSN program online Spring 2014. Anyone else entering on Spring or any one currently in the program?? ---Thank You
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    I am, and I just registered (or I think I did...still trying to make sure I have all the classes). Have you registered? If so, how many classes are you registered for? I have 7 and I'm trying to make sure I didn't sign up for too few or too many!

    What do you think of making a Facebook group for all the students in this program?
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    Im just pending my grades for this semester and then I can register for the classes; and yeah that sounds good.
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    Wish I signed up back in December. I can't start until Fall...