Slightly unique situation

  1. I was an LPN for many years then went to Regents and became an RN (ASN) in 1999. Then I moved to Texas the same year. In 2001, I had the opportunity to go to NP school (before it became a master's degree program). So, I am an NP with an ASN degree. Go figure. Now of course, I want to finish up and get the MSN. The challenge like all is the $$, and time. I work 50-60 hours at the office as well as every other weekend as an RN in a rehab hospital (12 hour shifts), plus teach childbirth classes once a month.

    Some of the programs look somewhat promising. Texas has quite a few that are affordable; The WGU, UTA, Texas Tech, TWU etc. but many have capstones which I'm not fond of doing. I don't want to go to the health department/hospital to this project, or try to incorporate within my current job (OB-GYN). I'm too busy to do something else on top of what I already do. Thoughts?
    Programs without capstones?? In reading through the curriculum most have one. I'm willing to try any school as long as the cost is reasonable and NO capstone.