San Alamo Military to RN Mobility Fast Track Program

  1. Hello so there's a new program for all Military veterans or for those currently serving in the military who have also trained and served as Combat Medics, Navy Corpsman or Air Force Medics to transition to an RN? This program is brand new and part of the College Credit for Heroes initiative in San Antonio, TX with San Alamo College offering the courses and skills to prepare military members with their expirience and training while serving to earn a ASS in Nursing. I think this is such a wonderful program but since it's so new there isn't much more than what their website tells me and being a Combat Medic myself with all pre rec's completed I'm really excited and hoping to get in. I'm hoping anyone who is attending or knows anything about the program can provide some input or even interested in the program can spill their thoughts on this. Thanks

    This is the link to the program
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  3. by   dpowell011
    Hey how's it going? Did you ever end up attending the program? If so how was it?