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RN-MSN bridge at Aspen U?

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    I am an RN looking for an online MSN bridge program. I'm in the process of applying for the BSN at OU, however, my ultimate goal is to teach nursing. I have looked at several programs and always end up back at the Aspen site. No gen-eds, no clinicals, and the price is right. I would love to get some feedback from anyone taking the Aspen RN-MSN bridge as the reviews will be my deciding factor. I have found some rather old threads elswhere but some newer info from students into the program would be a blessing to me.
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    I took a couple of MSN classes at Aspen but ended up withdrawing when I realized that although they are nationally accredited by the CCNE they are not (or at least were not at the time) regionally accredited. I believe this matters mostly if u want to try and transfer your classes to another college.
    As far as the classes go they were very rigorous and required lots of work. I definitely learned a lot! But like I said, it scared me to know that they were not regionally accredited. Just look in to what I'm talking about. Hopefully this helps.

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