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  1. I am a registered nurse with an ADN from Kaplan. I am currently working full time on a surgical acute floor for one of the largest healthcare/hospital providers in SD county. I am trying to decide where I should get my BSN. My options are limited due to the fact that I am a Kaplan grad. Every state school I have looked into will not accept a single transfer credit from Kaplan, which means I'd have to take all the basic gen-ed coursework again before I could even apply to an RN-BSN program. I know that I want to continue my education, and eventually go for an MSN/APN, but it is too early in my career for me to decide what sort of APN role I want to ultimately become (ie ANP, FNP, CNS, or CRNA). This means I need a degree from a fully accredited institution, which will be widely accepted by most major universities. The RN-BSN program at WGU is CCNE and NWCCU accredited. WGU is affordable and it seems to get positive reviews from the student population. I decided to apply and was accepted with a start date of December 1st. I have been really excited about getting started until today when I stumbled across a thread where alumni were complaining that they weren't able to get into MSN programs due to WGU using the pass/fail platform and not assigning grades. Many of the MSN programs require GPAs above 3.0 and the universities are telling WGU grads that they are not eligible, because the university has no way of determining the student GPA. This prompted me to contact two of the programs I have been considering. Both CSUSM BSN-MSN/ANP program and Kaiser's CRNA program at Cal State Fullerton said they do not accept WGU degrees due to this very issue. Have any WGU BSN grads encountered this problem? Have any WGU BSN grads been able to get into an MSN/APN program? If so, what was the program? Does anyone know of an online RN-BSN program that is accredited, affordable, and accepted by the state university system?
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    I have heard great things about the RN to BSN program at the University of Wyoming. It seems to be one of the most affordable options out there, or at least it was when I was shopping around for a program in 2008. Good luck finding a program that works for you. I did my BSN through Chamberlain, but it is pricey. Accredited, but very pricey!
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    I made a mistake, CSUSM does in fact recognize the bsn degree from WGU, but I imagine the gpa issue would still pose a problem.
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    Add LLU CRNA program to the list of schools that do accept WGU BSN applications!

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