Penn State Altoona Nursing as a second degree

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    Is there anyone else who applied to Penn State Altoona's Fall 2013 nursing as a second degree program? If so, has anyone heard anything back yet? I spoke to Dr. Kuhn two weeks ago and she said that the reviews were being done early last week. I still haven't heard anything. Also, what GPA's did everyone apply with? I am well aware that this program is very competitive but I'd like to get an idea of what is expected and what the typical accepted student has in terms of academics and related experience. Any insight on the program would be extremely helpful.
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    Yes I applied to Penn State's 2013 second degree nursing program. I got my letter of acceptance back mid February. I applied with a 3.6 GPA. Good luck to you! I am trying to connect with others to try and find a roommate for this fall!
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    Thanks for the response! I'm glad to hear back from someone! I would have loved to help you out with the room mate thing if I were living there! Unfortunately I will be commuting! Have you heard anything else about the program?

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