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Nursing education in the past was all brick and mortar. This is no longer the only avenue to higher education. Nursing Online Distance Learning is available for discussion as it relates to bringing the classroom to the comfort of your own home. Discuss online nursing degrees, experiences, concerns, and pose questions as they relate to seeking a program that fits your unique needs involving cost, time involved, type of degree required, and technical requirements.

  1. Online RN to BSN
    • Closed
    by pedrn Sep 6, '02
  2. online RN to BSN
    • Closed
    by ikimiwi Jun 7, '02
  3. Info Excelsior Prog
    • Closed
    by tobee Dec 11, '01
  4. Need Info on Rue or Chancellors for Regents Study
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    by BAT Apr 28, '00
  5. Info for Distance Ed Programs for FNP
    • Closed
    by ChristopherDennis Jul 4, '00
  6. Internet Degrees for Nurses
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    by stefascope Jan 6, '00
    Holly Ridgway
  7. Question about RN classes over the internet.
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    by Nurse1 Feb 19, '99
    Erbn Girl

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