Online RN-BSN without Biochem and no SPEECH?

  1. These are the only two classes I am lacking. I am researching and it looks like alot require biochem and some require speech. I could probably do speech if it was online! I was in the Univ of Wyoming program and it was going great and then I realized I had to do an elective like Art Appreciation and Speech which they did not offer online (either one). Then I got derailed. Any ideas would be appreciated. Univ of Phoenix says they don't require those classes but they are expensive even tho they claim it will cost about 12, 000.
    Thanks for any ideas!
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  3. by   roseonye
    Check Chamberlain
  4. by   nightnurse279
    So expensive there. 590/credit hour. Wow!!!

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  5. by   gabookworm
    For the biochem, this thread may be helpful: Online Biochemistry Course with Lab

    Speech is offered online at a lot of schools, though you will probably find it listed as a Communications course most of the time.
  6. by   nightnurse279
    American Sentinel requires neither

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