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  1. 0 Hi All, I am curious to know whether a degree that was done online, would it show that it was online?? Would anyone know that you did it online??
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    Most have a code after the course number on the transcipts that are a tell tale sign. For example, I took an online course for Math 131. On my transcripts, it says Math 131OL. Be sure to check with the schools you are applying to though, as to their policies on online courses for prereqs. Some nursing schools don't accept online courses for transfer at all and/or only allow online classes for any other class but for the sciences, they WILL NOT accept any online credits.
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    none of my online BSN classes have anything on the transcript indicating that they were online. this is for RN-BSN. I am not sure if that is what you were asking about though.
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    Nothing in my transcript from Regis on-line indicated online classes...nor is it listed on the diploma!