Online Community Health Nursing Course as Non-Degree Student?

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    Does anyone know of any online community nursing courses (e.g., Community Health Nursing) that can be taken as a non-degree student? I've found a few online universities that don't require you to be a matriculated student (e.g., Walden U, GCU), but the courses these institutions offer in community nursing aren't exactly what I need. I also need to take a nursing informatics course online as a non-degree student, but this seems even more difficult to find.<br><br>FYI, I'm not a full-fledged RN yet; still waiting to finish a semester and take the NCLEX (a lot of schools won't let you take nursing courses as a non-degree student unless you're a registered nurse).<br>
    Any ideas would be great!
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    Also, I'm not a full-fledged RN yet...I'm still waiting to wrap up a semester and take the NCLEX, so I don't have licensure at this point.

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