Online College Algebra Suggestions, Self-Paced? Online College Algebra Suggestions, Self-Paced? | allnurses

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Online College Algebra Suggestions, Self-Paced?

  1. 0 I need a college algebra credit for my school's RN (ADN) program. Does anyone know of a self-paced, accelerated, or traditional online college algebra course worth checking into? I don't know if I feel confident enough to CLEP. ?

    It's hard to find an accredited college/univ. that offers individual courses without all the placement test, etc. as I want to do this class online. ANY help or suggestions are appreciated!

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    Try They are a group of community college's in Kansas. I didn't have to take any kind of placement tests when I took A&P I and II (or even send them previous transcripts since I was a non-degree seeking student with them).
    I hope this helps.