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NRP Online Certification

  1. 1 Hi all!
    I have a few questions about NRP certification:

    Has anyone used National Healthcar Providers Solutions to become certified in NRP?

    Will hospitals accept NRP certification if it was done completely online without a skills component?

    Does the AHA offer this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    *** Bump*** I would like to know this too as I'm thinking about taking one of those online NRP Courses as well.

    Thoughts/Opinions out there?
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    AFAIK, the AHA/AAP does NOT offer an online NRP certification, as it requires a very extensive in-person megacode that lasts several hours. They do an online didactic portion that you complete and print out to bring to the in-class segment (a test of chapters 1-9 in the textbook), but the mega-code is the main portion of NRP certification and I can't imagine how one could be certified without it.

    I have never known a hospital to accept anything other than AHA/AAP NRP certification.