Non-Nursing BA to MSN/RN?

  1. I need some advice on this....I am a Certified Medical Asst. with 17 years exp, I am also a CNA and EKG Tech....I have a non-healthcare BA, AA and AS.....should've gotten my RN years ago when Excelsior still accepted CMA' any rate I find myself not being able to make a living with what education I have....I am thinking of trying again to get my RN, but the schools nearby have major waiting lists and I am not getting any, is there an option out there for me such as an online MSN program that will allow me to get the RN? other options?
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I do not believe that there are any online options for non-RN students to get their RN or MSN. I am sure other people will chime in--I know there are plenty of RN-MSN options online. I would search far from your home area if your schools are all impacted, or even other states. Once your prereqs are finished you might be able to do an accelerated RN program that is only a year...

    good luck!