Lab only options for Anatomy & Physiology? Did Straighterline but didnt need lab then

  1. 0 Help! I'm in a bind. I took Anatomy & Physiology I & II via Straighterline without the lab. Now I need the lab. Here's the details:

    I was heading for an MS in Occupational Therapy and they didnt require lab in the prereq., so I happily hustled my way through Straighterline. Fast forward, I switched to Nursing where my school does take Straighterline, however, they need labs, and I need to have them done by August.

    When I called SL they said I have to retake the course completely ( the whole deal -pay, proctor, and lab kit) - ugh - in order to get the lab. I remember reading somewhere, that someone was able to add the lab on afterwards? But I can't find that thread?

    Does anyone know of any other options?!?!?!?!
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