Job outlook for distance learners

  1. For those of you wondering what the job market is for online nursing students based on my experience..

    I graduated from an Texas A&M Corpus Christi (The Island University) with a BSN in Texas in Dec. 2009. I passed the NCLEX in March on my first attempt. I applied for three jobs immediately and was offered positions at each facility.

    After a month in long-term care, I discovered that if I choose in the future to continue my education in pursuit of Nurse Practioner's license I would need a year of acute experience. I opted to apply for such at four hospitals. (Be aware that many facilities give preference to students who work while in school as a paid student nurse.) I was shortly hired at a community hospital.

    As an online student, you will meet people that doubt or do not understand the education modality you receive through an online learning college. Although this is still an untraditional method of education in our field, I feel I was well-trained at A&M C.C. and have referred numerous friends to their program.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The persons I've been acquainted with who got their nursing degrees through distance programs have had no problems finding employment. One of them told me she had quite a pleasant conversation with an interviewer when they found out what program she graduated from, since that individual was a graduate herself.