Iowa CC online for stats?

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    Anyone have any input for the online courses at Iowa Community College online. Its just like Edukan (Kansas schools) but in Iowa. I have taken Edukan courses before and had a great experience in one of them, the other not so much. The tuition for these two are the same as my instate community college tuition.

    I need to take Statistics and my search did not return a lot of results. Any experience or alternatives under $500 for the class?

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    Well mine suggestion isn't under $500 but I'm taking my online stat class through Des Moines area community college. I think it was $650. The class isn't too bad, instructor is helpful. I did my ADN program through them, but live in Arkansas now, and it was much cheaper than taking stats at university of louisiana where I'm doing my bsn through.
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    I took STATS online at iowacconline. Good class and professor. No proctored exams and I did well.
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    Would you PM me the name of the professor you had?
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