Iowa CC online for stats?

  1. Anyone have any input for the online courses at Iowa Community College online. Its just like Edukan (Kansas schools) but in Iowa. I have taken Edukan courses before and had a great experience in one of them, the other not so much. The tuition for these two are the same as my instate community college tuition.

    I need to take Statistics and my search did not return a lot of results. Any experience or alternatives under $500 for the class?
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  3. by   ashmiller85
    Well mine suggestion isn't under $500 but I'm taking my online stat class through Des Moines area community college. I think it was $650. The class isn't too bad, instructor is helpful. I did my ADN program through them, but live in Arkansas now, and it was much cheaper than taking stats at university of louisiana where I'm doing my bsn through.
  4. by   woodsyny
    I took STATS online at iowacconline. Good class and professor. No proctored exams and I did well.
  5. by   Nervous1
    Would you PM me the name of the professor you had?
  6. by   woodsyny
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